The Recession and Its Effect on Machine Sales in the New and Used Machinery Industry

Sales of new and used machinery have declined considerably in the last 12-18 months during the Global Financial Crisis as companies big and small slash expenditure and put a stop to expansion and growth plans.

One of the hardest hit industries is the machinery industry, both new machinery manufacturers and used machinery dealers. Companies around the world have put on hold any expansion plans that would have resulted in the purchase of machinery to boost productivity or manufacture new products.

New Machinery Sales has declined up to 80% in 2008/2009 when compared with 2006/2007. Used machinery has not been hit as hard as companies are looking for second hand or pre-loved machine tools which are cheaper but often just as good as new machinery.

In today’s climate with a lot of companies going under, there is a huge array of used machinery at bargain prices. Companies have been able to save thousands on metalworking machinery such as presses, lathes, CNC machinery and grinders, as well as woodworking machinery such table saws, panels saws, sanders and edgebanders can be picked up for well below market value simply because companies are desperate to sell their machinery.

Marketplaces such as have been inundated with new and used machinery and machine tools from the woodworking and metalworking industries as a great way for companies to buy machinery at a great price or to sell machinery quickly and easily.

As companies start to gain confidence in the economy, Machine Sales are expected to rise in 2010/2011 however it will be a long road back to the success seen in 2008.