Considering Your Budget for Accommodations

A budget for accommodations may or may not comprise a very significant portion of your vacation budget. This will depend on your purpose, destination, traveling companions and amenities. It will also depend on your travel budget.

· Purpose

If you really want to get away from the hustles of the big city and have a quiet vacation with the full comforts of home, better expect your budget for accommodations to go through the ceiling. You will want your environment to be different. And better. Naturally, this translates to expensive living space, amenities and service. But a more relaxing vacation.

However, if vacation time is for a shopping spree, you would not want your hotel budget eat into your shopping budget. Perhaps a hotel, at the doorstep of the shopping district. Or at least near or accessible to it. For after all, you would not want to waste time traveling; much worse waste unnecessary energy tugging along your booty. Unfortunately, you may have to allocate more for these places. Hotels are aware that theirs are strategic locations. Sorry, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

If going to a festival where you plan to witness or participate in outdoor activities like the Philippine’s Ati-atihan or Rio’s Mardi Gras, you will probably be out the whole day. Your accommodation is just a place where you will rest. A small hotel, or hostel may do where relatively cheap rates prevail. You will be out there the whole day anyway.

· Vacation Destination

If your vacation takes you to expensive and exotic places, your budget for accommodations will probably take a substantial portion of your vacation budget. Not so with ordinary but memorable places.

· Travelling Companions

If vacationing with friends, accommodations will be a group decision. Just hope that one of your friends know a good place with a reasonable price. Or a friend’s vacation home, perhaps?

Vacation time with family is always bonding time. Family accommodations are always available in most vacation spots. And they offer reasonable prices.

Romantic getaways for couples will probably eat up into budget accommodations. Unless the couple plans are for nature trips. Building relationships are more conducive in romantic settings. But it depends on what the couple define as “romantic”.

· Amenities

Air-conditioned or nature-conditioned? Private baths or shared baths? Bed and breakfast only or all meals included? Take your pick. The more amenities and inclusions, expect to pay more.

So,how much should you budget for your accommodations? The web provides a rich source of offerings. But recommendations from friends and relatives are probably the best. If you are the adventurous type and want hotel hunting be part of the surprise, then go ahead! Who knows you might probably find one which your friends are not aware of.

However, before making the final decision for your budget for accommodations do not forget to plan for safety and security. After all, you will want to come back in one piece. And with pleasant memories.