Worldventure Dreamtrips: Are Dreamtrips Good Value or Not?

Those of you who know the travel industry would know that business is very competitive and as a result there are many discount options available, if you know where to look. So is the Worldventure’s (WV) Dreamtrips offer good value for money or not? To answer this question I will assess WV’s Dreamtrips against the following criteria:

· Flexibility / choice of locations

· Membership entitlements

· Membersip costs.

Choice of location

The first criteria I have chosen to assess Worldventures against is ‘Choice of locations’. For the average traveller, this is the most limiting aspect of the Dreamtrips offer as you can only chose from pre-arranged package deals. This is not to the liking of travellers who have their own destinations and plans in mind, however as a member you can plan and suggest your own Dreamtrip, as a way to get value for money as well as the location of your choosing.

The packages themselves are very good value for money. Infact you will find it difficult to find cheaper deals through Flight centre, Expedia, Adioso, Air bnb or Travelr. Coupled with the Dreamtrips price guarantee (find the same trip for cheaper within 7 days and you will get it for FREE) you will not find a cheaper way to enjoy such deal.

Membership entitlements

Dreamtrip membership will give you:

· access to 4 and 5 Star accommodation at 3 Star prices;

· access to ‘Online Mall’ (buy online at wholesale prices);

· access to a 24 hour ‘Concierge Service’ for driving directions, diner reservations, online research, wake up calls and more;

· access to the Rovia travel booking website as well as their Travel Buck rewards system (Bucks can be spent on your next travel arrangements) and Rateshrinker technology; and

· earn travel dollars, which you can use to pay for your next Dreamtrip.

Membership costs

Life membership costs involve a once off fee of US$199.99 and a monthly fee of US$49.98. An added benefit of Dreamtrips being linked to an MLM business is that by referring and maintaining four active members you will get free membership. This is a benefit most other leisure and travel clubs do not offer because they are not dual hatted as a MLM business opportunity. Additionally, just like many membership schemes, you can earn reward points, which can be redeemed for further travel within the Dreamtrip scheme. Ultimately the membership cost


Ultimately it depends on what you want from your travel club membership. If you want service and value from money then Dreamtrips is hard to beat, however if location is the most important thing then you may find Dreamtrips a bit limited. If you wish combine business with pleasure, Worldventures and Dreamtrips gives you a great opportunity to travel and even earn an income from travelling.